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Chemical Products Corporation Places Strontium Business and its Reynosa, Mexico Facility Into a World-Wide Joint Venture with Solvay
CPC’s Cartersville, Georgia Facility and Business
Remains Outside the Joint Venture
CPC announces today that the new joint company Solvay & CPC Barium Strontium GmbH & Co. KG was created after the finalization of a definitive agreement. The new company, a joint venture between member companies of Chemical Products Corporation (CPC) and Solvay Group, will provide worldwide management of the partners’ barium carbonate and strontium carbonate technical grades, sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide and strontium nitrate businesses.
Solvay is an international chemicals and pharmaceuticals group with headquarters in Brussels. It is present in more than 50 countries and employs some 33,000 people in is Chemicals, Plastics and Pharmaceuticals activities. Including Fournier Pharma, its 2004 sales amounted to EUR 8.5 billion. Solvay is listed on the Euronext 100 index of top European companies.
CPC’s Cartersville, Georgia plant, which has been in the chemical business since 1933, will continue to produce and sell barium carbonate, barium chloride, paper, agriculture, and electronic chemicals. This facility will not be included in the joint venture. However, CPC’s Strontium Nitrate production on the same site will be included in the joint venture.
The new company, which is headquartered in Hanover, Germany, is held by Solvay and by CPC. The main production sites for the joint venture are in Germany (Bad Hoenningen), Mexico (Monterrey & Reynosa), India (Sri Kalahasti) and Korea (Onsan). The Reynosa, Mexico facility CPC de Mexico was the CPC manufacturing facility contributed to the joint venture.
 “The barium and strontium business is facing the challenge of a rapidly changing technological and geographical end-use market place,” said Ray Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture. “We are fortunate to have these two leading companies join forces to face this challenge, thereby enhancing our future competitiveness throughout the world.”
Ballard Mauldin, President of CPC and Board Member of the new joint venture commented, “The Solvay-CPC Joint Venture will have a global presence and the economies of scale to pursue the migration of the cathode ray tube business to Asia. In addition, the joint venture is positioned very well for new display technologies. By retaining Cartersville, CPC will continue to develop its current line of specialty barium and strontium salts as well as complimentary products for a host of applications in electronics, magnetics, pigment and structural ceramic applications.”

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