Sulfur Chemical Products

Sulfur Chemical Products


Sodium Sulfide Flake, 60%/62%
Sodium sulfide flake, Na2S, is used by the leather industry for dehairing hides, in the treatment of certain industrial process streams for removal of heavy metals, as a flotation agent for copper ore processing, in the preparation of dyestuffs and as a reducing agent in certain organic processes.

Ammonium Sulfide Solution, 40%/44% or 20%/24%
Ammonium sulfide solution , (NH4)2S, is a source of sulfide for a number of wet metallurgical processes where it is used to precipitate certain heavy metals.

Sodium Hydrosulfide Flake
Sodium hydrosulfide flake, NaHS,  isa sulfide source used as a reducing agent in certain organic processes, dyestuffs and in heavy metal control in various processes.

Barium Sulfide, (Black Ash)
Barium sulfide, BaS, is used in the manufacturing of various lithopone pigments and as the starting point in the preparation of other barium chemicals.

Sodium Hydrosulfide Solution, 42%/46%
CPC continues to manufacture sodium hydrosulfide solution.  However, in August 2005, CPC sold its rights to market this product.

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